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Tired of probing your vehicles harness for RPM, TPS, Mass Air Flow, and Vehicle Speed? The Signal synchronizer makes finding all of these signals easy, converting them into a useable format for nitrous controllers, water methanol controllers, data loggers or any other electrical device that needs to see a PWM or 0-5v signal. The TPS signal feature is especially beneficial for installing a nitrous controller in newer vehicles that do not have traditional TPS and RPM signals (for example 2018+ Mustangs and 2014+ Corvettes). Wiring the Signal Synchronizer could not be easier, just plug the unit into your compatible vehicle's OBD2 port and let the signal synchronizer go to work for you!,, Compatible vehicle list:,, Ford ? 2005-2020 Ford Car/Truck/SUV V8, V6 and I-4 gasoline engines. GM ? 2005-2021 GM Car/Truck/SUV V8, V6 and I-4 gasoline engines.