Alberta Gold - The C10 truck that started it all is heading to the SEMA Show 2023

Alberta Gold - The C10 truck that started it all is heading to the SEMA Show 2023

SEMA Show 2023 - Alberta Gold is on it's way. 

The truck that started this adventure is finally well on it's way to being finished. With the help of some amazing partners the C10 truck is going to be a great representation for some incredible brands.

Thank you to New Vintage USA, Leed Breaks, Aces Fuel Injection, Tanks Inc, Street Trucks, and Retro Manufacturing. Without the help of these companies the truck wouldn't be where it is right now.

Alberta Gold is an ultimately restored C10 Truck that was given to Justin by his father. It has had many attempt made to get it back to it's former glory, but the build kept running into some snags. Because of these problems what started out as restoring a sentimental item became the inspiration for a new business Idea.

This idea was how Hot Rod Fuel Hose was born, though the business started small running out of Justin's Garage it became much more very quickly.

Again with a growing business at hand Alberta Gold took a back seat in it's restoration journey, but last year Justin decided it was finally time to really dig his heels in and finish the truck that has truly been an inspiration.

Finally after all this time Alberta Gold will finally be ready to be unveiled at The SEMA Show 2023 and have it's moment in the spotlight. We hope to see many of you there so we can share with you the blood sweat and tears that went into re-building this truly amazing C10 Truck.

Thank you again to all our amazing sponsors who made this dream a reality and as Hot Rod Fuel Hose continues to grow we hope to make other vehicle lovers dreams a reality too. 


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