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Aeromotive inline Fuel Filter with AN male fittings

Aeromotive fuel filters are anodized aluminum in an attractive black finish. Available in micron ratings 100 micron, 40 micron, 10 micron, and 10 micron micro glass for E85. The elements are replaceable so that you can always ensure your engine is protected and fuel flows at optimum levels. 

High performance fuel filters

These filters are higher flowing to allow you to build higher performance engines. Choose the filter micron rating based on the following details

100 Micron - Pre Filter for inline fuel pump

40 Micron - Post pump filter for carbureted systems

10 Micron - Post pump filter for EFI systems non E85

10 Micron Micro Glass- Post pump filter for E85 fuel systems. 

These filters come in sizes 6 AN, 8 AN, and 10 AN.