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Female SAE quick connect fitting. 

These quick connect fittings are perfect for adapting to LS Feed and Return line fittings on either the intake with built in regulator or the adapt to the corvette style LSx engine regulator. 

These fittings feature a screw on end cap for a secure installation that prevents the fitting from coming loose of the quick connection. 

On LS intakes the feed is 3/8 and return is 5/16.

On the corvette style regulator the feed is 3/8 and return is 5/16.

Use the 5/16 quick connect to AN8 fitting for adapting a return style LS system to a higher flow fuel system install. 

Works with Hot Rod fuel hose AN sized fittings. 


Customer Reviews

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Michael McGregor
3/8 quick to 6an

For some reason these 3/8 do not fully seat on the fuel filter provided in the ls returnless kit, or on the fuel rail. It looks like it isn’t bored deep enough. 2 fitting from original kit , and 2 replacement fittings that were sent to replace them.

Hi Michael,

That is by design there is a small cut out in the nut that goes on that fitting. If you place the raised lip into the cutout and then thread the fitting together you will be good to go. I will send you a photo by email to show you what I mean.


Christopher Chadwick

EFI Quick connect fitting w/ Screw end cap

Ronald Moss
Great Product, service

First class product that will give piece of mind handling the fuel needs of my truck...thanks again

Overall good product. But

Overall good product, but two of my 3/8 quick fittings are seeping, which is on my pressure side,

Jonathan Fea
I really like your product but

I really like your products, very good quality but when I ordered from you I expected to get hot rod fuel hose parts. 90% of the fittings and hoses that I received were hot rod fuel but a couple of the other fittings were a different brand which kind of upset me. When I buy from a company I like to hope that I am buying their parts.